Get Back Airtel 3G Speed On Your Mobile & PC

16 Oct 2012

How To Get Back Airtel 3G Speed On Your Mobile & PC

Most of my friends complain that they are not getting 3G speed on their mobile and pc.They are getting 15 - 20 kbps downloading speed . So today i am sharing this trick through which you will get 3g speed at 400-500 kbps.This speed also comes when you are using 3G in Roaming.This is Tested by me.

Follow these steps :

I suggest you to firstly deactivate your 3G by calling 121 .

After that activate again 3G by calling 121

when your 3G got activated follow these steps..

Step 1- send a message 3g to 121
    a message will come "send 1 for 3g pack, send 2 to deactivate 3g".

Step 2- send 1 for getting 3g packs menu
    you will get a message about the packs

Step 3- send 1 to activate zero rental 3g pack

Step 4- send 1 to confirm this pack

    After that  you'll get a conformation message that the 3g pack has been activate.
Now you can use  internet at  the speed for 400-500 kbps downloading speed...


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